12 Things You Don't Know About Gia Carangi

Thursday, Nov 24, 2016, 9:11 am

Often considered as the first supermodel, Gia Carangi rocked the United States as well as the rest of the world with her stunning looks during the late 70s and the early 80s. Born to Kathleen and Joseph Carangi on January 29, 1960, Gia Carangi had a rough childhood. She was deprived of parental love due to her parents' violent and volatile marriage. Luckily, at 16 years, Gia Carangi found good luck in the form of a modeling contract, but it didn't stay longer as the blue-eyed model ruined her career and life with drugs. Read 12 interesting and little-known things you don't know about the short-lived supermodel of the older generation, Gia Carangi.
4.She Was A Tomboy And A Bisexual

Ever since her mother left her, Gia Carangi began making friends with other girls in her school and sought solace in their company. Over the years, this attachment with girls transformed her into a bisexual woman. Gia Carangi openly dated many women including her peers in the modeling industry. Her friends describe her as a tomboy who would try to impress girls like how a man does. As per their words, Gia Carangi used to send flowers to the girls she liked to impress them! Though she identified her as a bisexual girl, she never tried to endorse the LGBT community.

She Was A Tomboy And A Bisexual-12 Things You Don't Know About Gia Carangi
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5.She Was An Obsessive David Bowie Fan

Gia Carangi was attracted to David Bowie during her school days due to his eccentric fashion choices and outspoken bisexuality. While she was studying at Abraham Lincoln High School, Philadelphia, she joined a schoolgirls' group called, The Bowie Kids. All the members of the group often used to emulate David Bowie's weird yet fascinating style. As you know, David Bowie came out as gay at a time when homosexuality was considered a sin and a shameful act. He managed to change people's perspective on LGBT community with his music.

She Was An Obsessive David Bowie Fan-12 Things You Don't Know About Gia Carangi
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6.Gia Carangi Was A Drug Addict

Money, sex, and drugs are a big part of glamor and entertainment industry. The drug culture was rampant a couple of decades ago, during when Gia Carangi was at the height of her career. She used to take cocaine at nightclubs casually, which later became an addiction. She began abusing drugs in 1980 when her mentor, Wilhelmina Cooper, died of lung cancer. This incident was the beginning of her career's downfall. The effects of substance abuse were showing up on her face. She was spending a lot of money on her drugs, and all these marked the collapse of a great model.  
Gia Carangi Was A Drug Addict-12 Things You Don't Know About Gia Carangi

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