12 Interesting Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Tuesday, Nov 29, 2016, 12:15 pm

Approximately 90 million families in the United States have cats as pets. Millions more around the world love them. We all know how the Internet loves talking about those "purry" friends. We are also aware how procrastinators spend hours watching cat videos and pictures! Well, we aren't going to show you those cat pictures or videos instead, We have something else for you that we think will be an interesting and exciting read. How well do you think you know about cats? You may know a few things, but definitely not more than that! Hey, how about reading some interesting and little-known facts about cats? Well, you have 12 here if you want to explore!
7.The Oldest Cat Video

The oldest known cat video was recorded in July 1894 at Thomas Edison's Black Maria Studio located in West Orange, New Jersey. The video is a short film that shows two cats boxing! It was one of the few first movies filmed at the famous Thomas Edison's Black Maria Studio. This tape proves that people loved watching cat videos a century back! It may be the oldest cat video, but it was uploaded to YouTube only a few years ago.  Hey, do you want to check out this hilarious cat fighting video? Click on the link below then! 

The Oldest Cat Video-12 Interesting Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
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8.CIA Hired A Cat As A Spy

CIA is long known for their rather bizarre approaches when it comes to spying. During the 1960s, the American spy agency planned to turn a feline into a secret agent! With the help of a senior veterinarian, CIA managed to implant a microphone in its ear canal and a transmitter at the base of the skull. The agency's aim was to make the cat wander around suspects or foreign officials and hear what they were speaking. On its first mission, CIA agents left the cat near a public park, hoping to listen to the conversation of two of their targets. Sadly, the feline agent was hit by a car and died on duty. 

CIA Hired A Cat As A Spy-12 Interesting Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
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9.A Cat's Brain Is 90% Identical To Human Brain

A human brain shares many similarities with a cat brain, more than that of a dog. When it comes to emotions, both cats and humans have the same section of the brain controlling them. A cat's brain has 300 million neurons whereas a dog only has 160 million. Felines are one of the most intelligent animal species on Earth. They are great at solving complex problems but have lower social IQ than many animals. Unlike dogs or other animals, cats learn things by doing them rather than observing. Cats also have long-term memory; they remember and recognize their owners, but they always act as if they don't care them at all!

A Cat's Brain Is 90% Identical To Human Brain-12 Interesting Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Mind
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