12 Things You Don't Know About BTK Killer, Dennis Rader

Monday, Nov 28, 2016, 10:33 am

The people of this generation never know what it feels like to live in fear of serial killers. Ask your parents about it; they will tell you some grisly serial homicide stories of their generation. Serial murderers scared the life out of people a few decades back. They butchered their unsuspecting victims for fun. BTK a.k.a. Dennis Lynn Rader is one such serial killer who murdered ten people between 1974 and 1991. He had enjoyed 31 years of absolute freedom before the authorities caught him in 2005 for his horrendous crimes. Read the 12 hair-raising facts of BTK Killer that we think you didn't know before.
1.BTK Stands For Bind, Torture, Kill

The acronym, BTK, frightened Wichita (Kansas) residents out of their wits during the 70s and 80s. The notorious signature of Dennis Rader, BTK, stands for Bind, Torture, Kill. He had the habit of sending signed letters to local police and news agencies that described his killings with lurid details. BTK enjoyed writing and sending such letters to authorities. After remaining reticent for over 14 years, BTK recommenced writing those ghastly notes in 2004. Thankfully, the law enforcement officials managed to track him down and arrest him a year later.

BTK Stands For Bind, Torture, Kill-12 Things You Don't Know About BTK Killer, Dennis Rader
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2.He Tortured Animals During His Childhood

Rader was attracted to sinister fantasies like bondage and torture during his childhood. He exhibited several traits of aggressive and age-inappropriate sexual behavior. He had a dark sexual fetish for dirty underpants, worn by women. He used to steal those undergarments and wore them. To satiate his intense desire to inflict pain on others, BTK tortured cats, dogs, etc. and murdered them by hanging. BTK a.k.a. Dennis Rader knew it was wrong; hence, he tried doing everything he could to keep his psychopathic behavior a top secret.

He Tortured Animals During His Childhood-12 Things You Don't Know About BTK Killer, Dennis Rader
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3.He Worked For A Home Security Solutions Company

BTK was conscripted into the United States Air Force in 1964 and discharged in 1970. Upon discharge, he worked in the meat department of a local supermarket. A couple of years later, he joined ADT Security Services, an electronic home security solutions company in which his job was to install security alarms at customers' homes. He was an employee of the company from 1974 to 1988. BTK killed four members of Otero family in 1974, the same year he joined ADT Security Services. The bloodshed left many residents of Wichita in deep shock. To keep BTK, the serial killer, from intruding into their property, they purchased security equipment from the company and had none other than BTK himself installing them at their homes!

He Worked For A Home Security Solutions Company-12 Things You Don't Know About BTK Killer, Dennis Rader
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